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Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage in Unterengstringen

The Thai massage is the little sister of yoga, as the movements come from the asanas (exercises) of yoga. The massage, one of the healing methods of Thai natural medicine, combines various massage techniques. The massage takes place on a mat on the floor. The Thai  masseur  and the client are on the same level, which allows the therapist to use his or her body weight better.  The masseur uses thumbs, hands, feet, knees and elbows for acupressure. The blood circulation and lymph flow are stimulated and the body becomes more flexible over time through stretching, stretching and twisting.

Upon arrival, your feet will be washed before the Thai or foot massage. Afterwards you will be given traditional Thai clothes (a kind of pajamas) to change, cloakroom is available. The Thai massage takes place in these clothes. Afterwards you can let this end in peace with a hot lemongrass tea.

Please understand that we only offer traditional and serious Thai and foot massages here in Unterengstringen and have therefore decided not to offer oil massages.

For new customers, bookings are possible online or against prepayment with TWINT.

Thai- und Fuss-Massage

Nopparut Donbankeaw
Certified Thai Masseur

Nopparut Donbankeaw trained at the Wat Po and Chetawan School in Chiang Mai and is a qualified Thai and foot reflexology masseur. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He has been living in Switzerland since December 2020 and I am delighted to have him as part of the team in Unterengstringen, where he offers a type of massage that shares a foundation with Hatha Yoga. 

A changing room and separate shower are available here in Unterengstringen.


For your safety:

If you wish, we will continue to wear a mask for you.

  A Dyson air purifier with HEPA filter automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants from the air.

Thai Masseur Fuss Massage
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